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    HIV in Nigeria

    April 14, 2011 by Joe.francisco4

    California state university, long beach

    HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

    Tolu Fashola

    Joseph Francisco

    Alexandra Madigan


    HSC 535

    Spring 2011

    In order to understand the journal articles enabling us to dissect the methods and theories being employed we must have a grasp on the current situation with social stigma, human rights and its correlation with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, and then give an idea of the ideal situation in Nigeria using a behavioral model to implement this change. The current situation in Nigeria is that the HIV epidemic has continued to be on the rise, and in 1999, a cummulated total of 3.5 million cases had been reported with a national HIV prevalence rate of 5.7%. The issue that is being addressed is the social stigma on the s…

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